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Agnes Scott College offers Presidential Scholarships to Marvin B. Perry, a full scholarship that includes full tuition, rooms, etc. for four years. The total value of this scholarship is about $230,000 and it is available to domestic and international students. Students applying for admission in 2021 and 10 incoming, full-time first-year students are applying for admission in 2022

Benefits of Being a SUMMIT STEM Scholarship

Being part of the Summit Stem Scholars program is more than just getting a college scholarship. It’s about being part of a unique, select scientific community of teacher-scholars and agents of future change, focusing on community building, mentoring, career search, and leadership development. Over the course of four years, as you progress toward your degree and career in STEM, you will work closely with other like-minded students and STEM-specific faculty and deliberately. As part of the program, Summit Stem Scholars will.

  • Before you arrive on your first-year campus, introduce yourself to a senior stem advisor in the summer and pair up with the Stem Peer Parent for two years, all part of the Summit Advising Model.
  • Attend Base Camp, Summit Stem Support for a Special 3-Day Stem-Focused Pre-Direction Program
  • In its first year on campus, GEMS LLC lives directly with 30 other students in a comprehensive, supportive residential learning community and participates in specific STEM-related programmatic activities.
  • Attend a STEM Specific Leadership 101 course led by a STEM faculty member
  • Participate in the sophomore year shading experience as part of the SUMMIT Scale (Sophomore Class Atlanta Leadership Experience).
  • Quickly engage in mentoring research opportunities
  • Get specialized STEM guidance and career coaches in three years and four years, both of which will help you for the rest of your undergraduate career and beyond.
  • Receive a renewal and scholarship of between $2,000-$5,000 for four years at Agnes Scott, and be commended for any other qualifications received.

Agnes Scott College Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Summit Stem Scholarship Program, applicants must:

  • Note
    • The selected finalists will be invited for an interview (possibly in practice, depending on the circumstances) with the Summit Steam Scholars Committee by early March.

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