Australia Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students

Studying in a country like Australia is really challenging for many students. The learners from a third-class country are hard to afford for them. But the students who have excellent academic records do not need to struggle much. Australia awards Australia fully funded scholarship for international students.

Moreover, many foundations hunt such talented students around the world. They aim to contribute by educating and helping by changing their future.

Australia Fully Funded Scholarship For International Students

The Australian government has taken such measures to support candidates from developing regions. It’s such an excellent step for the students who cannot bear the expenses of education.

Several government funds work for insolvent candidates. With the support of financial aid, a student can complete studies. Now have a look at Australia fully funded scholarship for international students:

Australia Awards Scholarship

Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade department administration the AAS foundation for international students. It provides a full scholarship for bachelor’s, master’s, and phd degrees. There are many institutions that host such scholarships.

With the scholarship scheme, one can take admission to the institutions. This type of scholarship is only given for candidates from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. The fund covers monthly stipends, accommodation, travel besides tuition fees.

Destination Australia awards

This fund has been established to provide all support to local and overseas students. Yearly, around 1000 scholarships are given away to both domestic and foreign applicants. An applicant finds $11,000 for tuition and other expenses per year.

However, this is a merit-based scholarship. Students with high potential and talent can achieve it. Apart from this, a student can study at any institution with the fund. Usually, this scheme is for graduation and postgraduation programs.

Research Training Program

RTP scholarship is offered for a PHD or research program. All the necessary costs during the research program are borne by the fund. Even the monthly allowance, accommodation etc also provided by the foundation. But there are differences according to application.

Students can find all support or any particular funds during their program. This scheme is also merit-based. However, this scholarship is awarded to both their domestic and foreign applicants. To know more, visit the website of RTP.

Australian University Specific Scholarship

The institutions of Australia offer funds for students from emerging countries. It helps a lot of applicants to take higher education. The university also finds the most talented students at the same time.

These students got the chance to contribute to their family or country for finance or social changes. There are many top universities in Australia that provide scholarships. So, let’s see:

Australian National University

This university is a public institution located in Canberra, Australia. It’s a great place to study for local and international learners. The university offers various kinds of programs for students. A student can apply for financial assistance for any course.

The university awards a scholarship scheme every year. Both domestic and abroad students are welcome to this scholarship program. So, check the university page for more information.

Australian Catholic University

Australian public university is open for both international and domestic students. Students take admission here for research, master’s or bachelor’s degree. The institution provides all kinds of facilities to students.

Even it gives yearly scholarships for many insolvent learners. The scholarship is usually merit-based. Students with outstanding records will be qualified for the scholarship. However, any student can apply to a course for a scholarship.

University of Adelaide

The institution is committed to providing a world-class education to its students. They ensure full facilities both for national and international candidates. They have a special committee for viewing international students’ affairs.

Even the institution offers different sorts of financial funds for students. Learners with their needs can apply to any of the schemes. So, have a look at some of the scheme below:

  • Adelaide Family Scholarship.
  • Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarship.
  • Adelaide Citizen Scholarship.
  • Adelaide Higher Education Scholarship.
  • Adelaide International Scholarship.

Curtin University Scholarships

Curtin University awards numerous scholarships yearly to motivate students. They offer financial support both for their local and overseas candidates. This scholarship program works as an inspiration for lots of students. On the other hand, many candidates find it a great help for getting higher education.

However, the university gives the Meng Fei Future Leader fund for PHD and master programs. It offers around 10,000 Australian currency for selected three students yearly. It also provides funds for undergraduates.

Deakin University

Deakin University is situated in Victoria, Australia. It’s a public institution with several programs. A learner will find their favorite subjects here. However, students can enroll here for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It provides lots of facilities to candidates so they can fully prepare for their program.

Even the institution has scholarship funds for international applicants. With excellent merit, a student can apply for a scholarship. The scheme is renewable yearly. The university provides the fund until a program ends.

Flinders University

The university of Flinders awards scholarships for phd and master’s programs. A student can enroll in any subject to study master’s or phd. The authorities choose students who have potential and talent. The students who have good results, involved in voluntary works can apply for a scholarship.

A certain amount of money is given yearly for tuition fees. Whether the other expenses will be undertaken depends on the type of scholarship. So, visit their website for more information. Apply before the deadline and book a place!

Some other institution with scholarship

A student need not search for a university that offers a bursary. Here is the list of the institutions that have scholarships. So, have a glance at them:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Queensland
  • Newcastle
  • Western
  • Victoria
  • Macquarie

In A Nutshell

Before taking admission to any institution, know their scholarship program properly. See the eligible list and deadline. They proceed for further steps. But the most comfortable and extensive scholarship is government funds. It covers all expenses, including living costs. Whereas university funds are limited and hardly bear all the cost of a student.


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