Best Architecture Scholarships In Germany For Foreign Students

Pursuing higher education in architecture in Germany is the best decision for any student. The total architecture universities in the world have seven located in Germany. Even it welcomes international students besides their locals to join world-class universities. They offer architecture scholarships in Germany for financially unstable learners. There are several trusts or institutes with scholarships to finance architecture students.

The Organisations Awards Architecture Scholarships In Germany

Germany is a budget-friendly country compared to other EU countries. Living, studying, and additional costs come at a cheap price in many other regions. Despite having lower costs, candidates from emerging countries find it challenging to manage it. So, some government and non-government foundations are working to finance such students.

Daad Scholarship

Daad is the German funding organization sponsoring students around the world. The scholarship is honorable, and anyone can be entitled to the scholarships. Students from developing countries can have the scholarship for study in Germany. German applicant also have the scholarship. There’s no limitation on university or program-based. But the candidates for master’s degrees only apply for this.

Research or PHD candidates also get an opportunity to achieve the scholarships. Apart from this, the Daad scholarship gives monthly 850€ to postgraduate students. And also, doctoral students get 1200€. The scholarship covers all living costs, books, admission fees, air tickets, etc. However, remember it doesn’t cover tuition fees, only partial cost of study..

Heinrich Boll Scholarship

Heinrich Boll organization awards around 1,200 scholarships every year to candidates of the world. It offers scholarships for bachelor’s degrees, masters, and PHD to ambitious students. Students from any country can apply to study at any program in Germany.

So, any candidate can apply for architecture scholarships in Germany to this scholarship. Moreover, a student must have excellent academic results, records of social engagement, etc for the scholarship. The non-EU candidates will have 850€ for the master’s degree monthly. Whereas EU students will have 649€. The PHD students from outside of the EU will receive 1,200€ monthly.

In contrast, EU students will receive 1,300€. However, the Heinrich Boll scholarship might provide tuition fees for master’s or graduate programs. But the study fee for a PHD degree is not covered by the scheme.

Erasmus Scholarship

Erasmus is the largest funding organization for students from any corner of the earth. Career-oriented students, no matter nationality, can apply for scholarships. There’s no barrier to the course a student wants to pursue. But the candidate must take admission to any German institute for higher education.

However, the student who has outstanding results can be entitled to the scheme. The scholarship provides a monthly stipend, living costs, admission, and travel expenses. Tuition fees vary according to the university and a student’s ability to receive grants.

Friedrich Ebert Scholarship

The Friedrich-Ebert scholarship would be the best choice to study in the humanities, politics, or science. Its main aim is to promote democracy and leadership by helping financially. Candidates of non-EU, Asian, African, or Latin American can apply to the scheme. The number of scholarships is limited to only 40. But the students who are highly ambitious and have good academic records can get the opportunity.

A student has to apply through the institution of Germany listed under the scholarship. However, the scheme grants 830€ monthly for undergraduate courses. In comparison, 850€ is for a master’s degree per month. It provides other expenses, including health insurance as well.

Best German Architecture Universities

Studying architecture in Germany is unbeatable compared to other countries. The employee who graduated from a German university has high demand worldwide. The German Government has made it technically developed to ensure world-class education.

Even the less tuition fees structure to attract the foreign students. But the university still has a scholarships scheme. Now have a look at some of the universities offers architecture program:


It’s very easy to graduate with scholarships in architecture programs. Even the scholarship is renewable yearly upon academic progress. The structure of study in Germany is different from many other European universities. So, try out any to ensure any place!


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