Bill Gates Foundation Fully Funded Scholarships In USA

Bill Gates foundation fully funded scholarships established by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Tendency to give back to society, such scholarships are launched. Every year many students from developing countries find scholarships to complete their education.

There are even some other targets to introduce the scholarships. Explore talent, find future leaders, and remove poverty, for example. With the help of scholarships, any international can study in the USA.

6 Different Bill Gates Foundation Fully Funded Scholarships

Bill Gates scholarships aren’t single scholarships. It is mainly divided into six different scholarship schemes. Every year the scholarships are given to students from various nationalities. With the finance of the scholarships, a student can be admitted to any institute. So, have a look at the Bill Gates foundation fully funded scholarships below:

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Gates Cambridge Scholarship is one of the most significant scholarships to any university in the U.K. The BMGF founded the scholarship with a donation of 210 million dollars in 2000. This scheme is provided to the selected students who come to study at Cambridge University only. So, this is one of the most prestigious bursaries in the U.K.

Every year around 90 candidates are chosen for the excellent scholarship program at the institute. There’s no national barrier, though. A student can get admitted to any course with a scholarship. The mode of scholarship is fully funded.

So, it offers tuition fees, living costs, books, air tickets, etc. On the other hand, this scheme is only available for postgraduate degrees. So, check out their page for more details.

1. Gates Millennium Scholarship

With a 1.6 billion dollar grant, the Gates Millennium Scholarship was created by BMGF in 1999. The foundation aimed to represent the applicant of Asian, American, African, etc., nationality. A student can take computer science, mathematics, education, public health, and library science as significant subjects.

The foundation selects 1000 applicants throughout the world every year. It provides full financial support to undergraduates in the Ph.D. program. However, this GMS scholarship is closed as it has reached the milestone of 20,000 students. But it might be reopened anytime. So, check their website for any assistance.

2. Gates Scholarship

This scholarship program was founded specially for the candidates of high school. The TGS program was established in 2018 and aimed to finance 300 students yearly. It has already provided full funds to 3000 students from different nations. However, the scheme is given to students from low-income families.

Besides, a student must have excellent results, regular attendance, and social engagement. The scholarship is fully funded, including tuition fees, books, accommodation, air tickets, etc. So, anyone interested, visit the official page before running out of the last place!

3. D.C. Achiever Scholarship

Increase the graduate level in Columbia district BMGF funded D.C. Achiever scholarship in 2007. Since then, it has supported the students from Columbian institutes financially. The success rate of students at Columbia public colleges was low.

So, the scholarship was given to 100 students yearly to raise college students. The success rate of Columbian college has changed in 11 years. So, the foundation is now focusing on preparing applicants for bachelors or postgraduate degrees. So, the candidates can be admitted to any university. See the eligible list from their website.

4. William H. Gates Scholarship

This scholarship is named after the honor of father Bill Gates, on his 80th birthday. The scholarship is awarded to the law students of Washing University. William H. Gates was a former law student at the institute. However, the program was built with a 33.3 million dollar donation.

Which will secure lots of students in the next 80 years. Moreover, the scheme is fully funded and provides all necessary expenses. The receiver of the bursary is obligated to serve in the public field following graduation for five years.

5. University Scholars Program

It was formed in 1998 with a gift from BMGF of 20 million dollars to support the students of Duke University. Melinda French was a former student at the university. It awarded the students with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any program.

The undergraduate applicant receives a full scholarship. At the same time, graduate students get one-year tuition fees. However, this scholarship is highly competitive. A student must have good marks and potential to be granted the scheme.

The Requirement For Bill Gates Scholarship

The requirement differs according to program, duration, types of scholarship, etc. Even a student has to fulfill some criteria to be eligible for it. Visit the official page of the scholarship above. However, there are some standard requirements to apply. Let’s have a glance at that first:

  • High school candidates/under-graduates/postgraduates/professional school applicants.
  • Pell-eligible.
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Any citizen except the U.K.
  • Other ethnicities: American Indian/American African/Alaska/Asian America/Hispanic American.
  • Attending any university or college.
  • Having good marks minimum GPA of 3.3.
  • Wish to be admitted full time and complete within time.

Bill Gates Scholarship in The USA

Bill Gates has announced a 300 scholarship scheme to study in the USA for international students. The students can take any program to study at any U.S. university. The Bill Gates bursary is given to freshers of graduates or postgraduates. So, apply online with the necessary documents. The aid of the BMGF is competitive but luxurious at the same time. It offers full funding to complete higher education. A student will get everything to live and study in the USA. Even the scholarship allows the recipients to work part-time.

Ideal Applicant For The Scholarship

Some particular kinds of talent are looked at while selecting a candidate, except for excellent results. A student must go through many formalities before being chosen for a scholarship.

So, interested students dreaming of going to the USA with such scholarships, prepare yourself now. Have a look at the potentiality searched into a student:

Leadership Ability

This is a mandatory quality of a candidate. A candidate must have a record of attending the debate, serving in public, etc. A student must have certificates of extracurricular activities or community work.

Emotional Intelligence

A student has to be mature enough, intelligent, self-controlled, and social. Besides, have a favorable view of the overall condition.

Giving Back To Society

The target of the scholar is not only to bring out talented students. But also create responsible humans who can give back to others. It is expected from the receiver of the scholarship to contribute in their way.

Diversity Spirit

Society is changing every day gradually. The world has changed more than previously, and it will continue. So, everyone has to maintain a diverse spirit to sustain changing things. A candidate must have that quality too.

In A Nutshell

That is all for a Bill Gates Scholarship. If anyone has the eligibility and quality as mentioned has a higher chance of getting it. But remember always to apply earlier to ensure a place. However, the different bill gates bursary has other websites. So, decide first and apply online for the particular scholarship.


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