Everything You Need To Know About Duolingo English Test Opportunity Desk

Alternative to IELTS? We as students finish our previous degree in English but instead of having an English degree, our language test waiver request is often refused by the institutions despite English being the official language and medium of instruction. It is annoying to appear for IELTS/ TOFEL costing around 250 USD now. Duolingo test is a cheap substitute costing only 50 USD, affordable for most of us. An hour-long language test that tests your skill set in all areas of language including Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

It is a Virtual Test that is taken online. You need a stable internet connection and a PC with a functional microphone and camera. You must be seated alone in a room and must not look away from the screen for even a moment. It costs 50 USD only and you receive results in 2-5 days. As opposed to IELTS, you don’t receive a score for each skill. So now you can apply for University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada 2022 Without IELTS.

List of Universities in the World Where Duolingo is Accepted

Thousands of Universities across the world are accepting this test.

Check your desired university’s name before attempting the test.

What Should Do You Have while taking Duolingo Test?

  • Your passport, driver’s license, or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer

Benefits of Duolingo Test

  • Money-saving
  • Send reports to unlimited institutions for free.
  • Many universities worldwide are accepting the result.
  • You can Take the test from home.
  • Time-saving (takes an hour only)
  • Result declared in 2 days (5 days currently)
  • Quarantine friendly- good excuse to attempt this in current times, universities have no option but to accept your results.
  • Not enough practice material is available online, unlike IELTS and TOEFL. The only source of practice is the free test on their own website.
  • The reach is not as wide as IELTS/ TOEFL. However, the list is growing. You should request your university and they will surely accommodate you, especially in a lockdown situation.

How To Prepare For The Duolingo Test?

  • From the ‘short video walkthrough’ on the Duolingo website, candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the test pattern, test scores, and question kinds.
  • For a better grasp of the difficulty levels of questions, go to the ‘Test Readiness’ tab and look over the Duolingo Official Guide and a couple of the Duolingo English practice test papers.
  • Candidates must practice reading, speaking, writing, and listening in English on a daily basis. The Duolingo blog area includes useful resources that candidates can use to improve their English on a daily basis.
  • Candidates can use the ‘free Duolingo English practice test’ to assess the difficulty level of the questions.

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