Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA |Fully Funded Scholarship

The Fulbright Foreign Program fully funded enables students from overseas students, young professionals, and artists to study and research in the United States at American universities or other educational institutions.

The Fulbright Foreign Students Scholarship Program USA is open to international students from 155 countries. This scholarship allows for Masters, PhD. Level program (languages) in the field of all subjects taught in USA universities. The deadline for scholarships is September 15, 2021.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is administered by the Binary Fulbright Commission / Foundations or US Embassies. All foreign student program applications are processed by these offices.

  • Offered Courses
    • The Fulbright Foreign Students Scholarship Program is available for Masters, Ph.D. level programs at US universities.
  • Offered Subjects
    • All Subjects
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Benefits Scholarship
  • The Fulbright Foreign Student Program provides the following facilities:
    • Tuition Fee
    • AirFare
    • Stipend
    • Health Insurance etc.
  • Eligible Nationalities
    • students from 155 countries are eligible to apply. 
    • Please visit this website to check your country.
    • If your country is not listed there, you are not eligible to apply.

Application Procedure

The Fulbright Program (FLTAs) for foreign students and foreign language teaching assistants is administered by the Binary Fulbright Commission / Foundations or US Embassies. All foreign student and FLTA program applications are processed by these offices.

Program eligibility and selection procedures vary widely by country. To find out more about the Fulbright Program in your home country, including eligibility requirements and application guidelines, visit the official website and use the drop-down menu, and you’ll find complete information about your country.

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FAQ Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Can International Students Apply For Fulbright?

Yes, you can apply for international students in the Fulbright Foreign Student Program and it enables graduate students, young professionals, and artists to study abroad and do research in the United States.

How Do I Get A Fulbright Scholarship In The USA?

Yes, of course, US students can apply for the Fulbright Scholarship.
You must complete the following conditions before applying for a Fulbright Scholarship
Must be eligible for citizenship,
Get a minimum degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree
Has an excellent educational background,
Has a well-planned and personal leadership ability.

How Do You Get A Fulbright Foreign Student Program?

Students can apply by following the online application guidelines on this website. Program participants will be selected through a merit-based, independent competition in which leadership ability, academic ability, and life in the United States. The ability to adjust is considered. You can apply on this website for the Fulbright Scholarship.

What GPA Do You Need For A Fulbright?

The official GPA requirement is a 3.0, but an even higher GPA may be required, depending on the level of competition in the country you are applying for. Rest assured, however, that your GPA is not the most important factor in getting a Fulbright grant.

About Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Program, an international educational exchange program run by the US government, has fostered mutual understanding between the United States and other countries since 1946.

Each year, the US Congress allocates funds to the US State Department to sponsor the Fulbright Program. Many foreign governments are also heavily involved. Additional direct or indirect funding is provided by US and foreign institutions for higher education, NGOs, private organizations, corporate partnerships, and individual donors.

Today, as the Fulbright Program marks its 75th anniversary in 2021, its legacy is being represented by hundreds of thousands of distinguished and diverse alumni who are playing their part in a more peaceful, equitable, prosperous, and just world. The Fulbright Program has a long track record of promoting diversity and inclusion and striving to ensure that its participants are fully representative of society in the United States and abroad. The program and its organizers are deeply committed to working with partner governments, the Fulbright Commission, higher education institutions, participants, and alumni to enhance and enhance the diversity, equality, and cohesion of the Fulbright program.