Fully Funded Australian Government Scholarship

Australia gives away lots of financial aid to talented students from around the world every year. The Australia Awards Scholarship is the most extensive scheme for the higher education of under-developed regions. It is a fully funded Australian government scholarship that covers all educational costs. So, read the article to know the valuable information about Australian scholarship. It might be helpful for those interested in studying in Australia.

Australia Awards Fully Funded Australian Government Scholarship

Australia Awards Scholarship is a government fully funded long-term scholarship. It is awarded to students from emerging regions. Australia Foreign Affairs and Trade is managed and administers the scholarship. Every year lots of students from various countries get the chance to study in Australia.

Mainly Australian partner country’s people have the opportunity to apply for it. View the official website to see the listed country. We have sorted out some regions below:

  • Nepal.
  • Indonesia.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • The Solomon Islands.
  • Vietnam.
  • Pakistan.
  • Cambodia.
  • The Marshall Islands.

The Australian government wanted to contribute to social development. So, they target talented candidates from poor countries. After getting a higher education and all facilities, they will return to society. However, this is a very luxurious scholarship for any student. It covers all expenses to complete the study. The scholarship fund provides support for undergraduate, master’s, and research programs.

Apart from this, there are many host universities for the scholarship. One applicant can study in the institution with a fully funded Australian government scholarship. So, have a look at them below:

Benefits Of The Australian Awards Scholarship

The fund provides all necessary expenses to finish one’s education. Even it gives a monthly stipend to live in Australia. A student might need some support during or before the commencement of a course.

Therefore, the scholarship foundation bears the additional cost too. So, it is one of the most flexible funds for anyone. So, have a glance at the particular facilities of the fund below:

Compulsory Program

There is a compulsory program held before the start of formal education in the Australian institute. So, every scholarship granted to candidates must attend the class. The program is all about how to live and study in the country. The government also undertook the cost of the program.

Health Insurance

Medical and health insurance cards given by the foundation. It covers medical costs if any emergency occurs.

English Language Course

Some students may need to complete a basic English course before proceeding to Australia. So, the government is ready to provide such course fees and all facilities.


The PHD students or researchers may need additional support. It might be visiting another country or any other backup. So, the government provides for such expenses to succeed in the research program. It may arrange to fly to another country if needed.

Air tickets

One-time economy class air ticket to enter and depart from Australia issued by the authority.

Tuition Fees

Cover full tuition fees of any program until the completion of the course.

Additional Costing

Additional costs, for example, books, exam fees, accommodation, etc, also provided the foundation.

Living Expenses

Certain amounts of Living expenses are paid and determined by the foundation. So, it is given monthly to the student.

Eligibility Criteria For The Scholarships

There’s a couple of requirements a candidate must meet. Without fulfilling the condition, one cannot be entitled to the fund. The criteria can be seen from their website too. But we have written down here also. So, let’s see the basic eligibility list for a candidate:

  • An applicant must be from the country that is listed on the eligibility list. No Australian citizens are allowed to participate in this scheme.
  • The applicant has permanent residence or citizenship in the required country.
  • For undergraduate programs, a student must have a high school certificate.
  • For master’s, a student must have an undergraduate certificate to apply.
  • The master’s programs applicant’s age is not more than 45 years old.
  • The candidate must have a plan for the future to contribute to his family or country.
  • The candidate must be committed to returning to his country at least for two years.
  • Failure to carry academic results or return to home country the applicant obliges to give back the entire expense.

How To Apply For Australian Awards Scholarship

An applicant must collect all necessary information from the website. After meeting the criteria then one can apply. For applying, see the deadline of the application. A candidate must apply before the deadline. And a candidate must apply online. After fulfilling the first step of the requirement there are some other formalities.

The authority may ask for academic results. Students have to engage in volunteering activities too. That raises the chance more. Then submit the related certificate of extracurricular activities, if you have. After viewing all documents, a student can be called for an interview. If one is selected, he will be notified by emailing or directly. So, this is the basic process of applying to a scholarship program.

This is such an excellent scholarship program for the applicant of financially unstable. Even this is a contract between the foundation and the chosen student. The government will bear anything to finish the study. For exchange, the student has to keep continuing excellent results.


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