Pink Engagement Rings : What Are They?


Pink engagement rings can be one of three things. The term can refer to engagement rings that have pink bands. It can mean engagement rings that include gemstones with a pink hue, or it can describe rings that have both pink bands and stones. Let’s look at each possibility in turn and discuss the various options can be applied to create the pink engagement ring that suits both your style and budget.

Pink engagement rings that have pink bands

Perhaps the most cost effective way of creating pink engagement rings is to combine a pink band with a non-pink gemstone. This can be achieved by purchasing an engagement ring band made from rose or pink gold, or by buying a titanium band that has been tinted pink. This is a good way of creating a unique engagement ring look without spending an absolute fortune.

Pink engagement rings with pink gemstones

The classiest and most expensive route to purchasing a pink engagement ring is to have a stone cut from pink diamonds. This is the option that Ben Affleck went for. The pink diamond engagement ring her bought for Jennifer Lopez cost in excess of million. The general rule is that the darker the pink diamond, the more it will cost. There are alternatives to pink diamond engagement rings. It is possible to manufacture a pink diamond, and these man-made diamonds are more affordable than the naturally formed specimens. It is also possible to buy pink cubic zirconia engagement rings. Pink sapphire engagement rings are another option as are pink tourmaline engagement rings.

For a really unusual engagement ring look, some couples have decided to combine a pink band with a pink stone. Whether you elect to achieve the pink engagement ring look by going for a pink band or a pink stone, introducing some pink hues will create a more unique engagement ring. Pink engagement rings are quite fashionable at the moment, and it looks like they will remain popular.


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