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CAMDEN —The Camden Rotary Club has added stipends for course-related expenses to its career technology education scholarship program.

Scholarships and stipends for education-related expenses are available year-round to Five-Town CSD residents of all ages who need education and training to prepare for skilled jobs in manufacturing, construction, engineering, graphic design, healthcare, and other industries.

Funds can apply to tuition and the equipment or learning materials learners need to participate in apprenticeship programs, short-term certificate courses, one-year certificates, and two-year degrees that focus on technical and occupational knowledge and skills.

Everyone from teenagers leaving high school to experienced workers is eligible to apply for funding if they live in Rockport, Lincolnville, Hope, or Appleton. Applicants may study at any nonprofit, accredited institution in any location. Applications are available year-round but are due at least four weeks before an educational program begins. Visit for details about the club’s career technical education scholarship program.

The CTE scholarships and stipends augment but do not replace the general education scholarships the club has awarded to high school graduates for more than 65 years, with support since 1994 from the Edith H. McCobb Trust.

“Many people seek high-quality jobs but need additional training to qualify,” said Camden Rotary Club President Judith Tarbox. “We believe these scholarships will make it possible for local people to prepare for their careers or upskill and reskill for new jobs that Maine employers are eager to fill.”

Visit for information about all the club’s activities, including scholarships for post-high-school education and training.

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