Stokes County Arts Council college scholarships available

The Stokes County Arts Council is proud to announce that they are currently

accepting applications for college art scholarships for the upcoming 2023-2024

school year. This year’s scholarship applications include two opportunities.

The Arts Scholarship is eligible for Stokes County residents graduating from one of

the county high schools or an accredited homeschool who plan to major in an

arts-related degree program at an institution of higher learning. Minors in an arts-

related program may also be considered. A student currently attending an

institution of higher learning with the same career goals may also apply. An

institution of higher learning approved by the Scholarship Review Committee

must have already accepted the student. This opportunity includes the Rick

Flannery Scholarship, given annually by the family of Rick Flannery, a career arts

educator who taught at North Stokes High School.

The 2023 #yesYOUcan Scholarship was created by Tara Schiphof and Melanie

Oakley in memory of their mother and grandmother, Lynne Oakley, in an effort to

help the next generation persevere through life’s greatest challenges. This

scholarship is eligible for residents graduating from one of the county’s high

schools or an accredited homeschool, who plan to continue their education at an

institution of higher learning, be it four-year, two-year, or technical college.

The amount of the scholarships will be based upon the financial need of the

applicant. The recipient may reapply every year while attending an institution of

higher learning. The scholarship will be paid directly to the institution only.

Applications are due at the Arts Council office by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 17,

2023. The committee will not consider late applications or incomplete applications

that are not in the office by the close of business on March 17. Applications are

available online at

For more information, contact the Stokes County Arts Council at 336-593-8159.

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